Having problems with font size

I’m working on my first novel, and using Scrivener for the first time with this project. It’s been a wonderful program, but I can’t figure out how to change my font size for the whole document. I have it set to Novel mode, which seems to be preset to a 16 point font. When I compile, it also is 16 point font (using the manuscript-times new roman.)
I’ve tried selecting chapters and manually changing the size to 12, but when I compile, it reverts back to 16.
I would appreciate any help or thoughts.
Thank you,

It is most probable that the Compile setting you are invoking during compile is controlling the font size. That would be business as usual in the world of Scrivener. (Though I am a little surprised that any stock compile format that came with Scriv enforces 16pt font).

fellow Scriv user

Discursive addendum: Compile is tasked with giving your writing some finished look that you want. How things look in the Editor pane of Scrivener can be just how you like to see things when you write. For example, many writers like to use something like a monospace Courier font when writing, because they like that “typescript” look and feel – more psychologically malleable than if your text already looks like it has gone to the printer the minute you type it! Of course, when those writers compile they probably do not want the result coming out in Courier and compile takes care of that for them. Same with font size and many other things. For example, I like to write with paragraphs with no indent but with space between paragraphs. But I am always compiling that to standard paragraphs with indent and no space between paragraphs.

How are you confirming these font sizes? The puzzling thing is that the default font size in Scrivener isn’t 16pt, and the Manuscript-Times compile format enforces a standard 12pt.

I’m also not sure what “novel mode” is, but maybe you mean that’s the starter template you created the project from. None of the starter templates change the writing font by default, they all use the global settings. You’ll find more about that, and how to change them in this knowledge base article.

As noted though, that’s just what you prefer to write with. You can get very different results depending upon which compile format you select.