Having THE worst time compiling double spaces (Short Story)

Hey all,

Using the short story template, I’m attempting to compile into a .doc format. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I can’t get the output to show double spacing. It’s double spaced in the actual text, under Preferences > Formatting, and under Compile > Formatting. I can’t think of what I’m doing wrong. It just won’t double space. Is it something to do with Word output?


Are you talking about line spacing or character spaces?

Two thoughts:

  1. In Compile > Formatting: The checkbox to Override text and notes formatting might be checked – one of the options you have with that function could alter your linespacing.

  2. In the main area of Compile > Formatting, the paragraph settings you can make in the paragraph preview area only effect the sorts of documents currently selected in the panel area above that, e.g. only documents at Level 1 and higher or Only container docs at Level 3, or only Folders, etc. Make sure you have the right category of doc selected there and then set the linespacing below. You will know you have the right doc type selected above, when it happens that when you select that type, the documents you wish to be effecting will light up yellow in the actual Binder of the project.