Having trouble adding a cover...

I’m trying to add my cover image to my research binder. When I do, it just shows a blue link to the image instead of the image itself. Clicking the blue link brings the image up in an image viewer. To make things worse, when trying to compile my work and add a cover, there’s no images showing under the select cover art dropdown box.

Any help?

Kind regards,
Taft Sinjin

ctrl+shift+H and insert your cover.

Problably the extension must be one of this: bmp pbm pgm png ppm xbm xpm

I just tried it with a png file and it works

For some reason CTRL, SHIFT, and H does nothing. I’m able to bring in .PNG’s - but when exporting to .mobi, I get an error “Error generating the Mobi Book.”

Yes, you’re right. There’s a problem with the KindleGen file. I solved in this way. Extract kindlegen_linux_2.6_i386_v2.tar.gz in an another folder and renamed kindlegen to kindlegen.sh

In compile you have to choose this file as kindlegen path.

I totally appreciate your help - however, still a no go. “Error generating the Mobi Book.” My PNG file is quite large, over 200k… is this the problem? Why don’t JPEG’s work?

Ok. If doesn’t work I suggest you to use scrivener just to write and another software to export your novel in ebook format.
You can use sigil, or calibre.
I usually use calibre. I export in an open document format, with picture, and save as html or doc. Later with calibre you can export this file in .mobi for your kindle. You can also send your novel .doc to your kindle account and they export your work in kindle format (.azw)
There’s another resource: booktype.

You’ll need 3GB Ram and 1Ghz processor. If you don’t have the minimum hardware set-up you can use the demo version online.

EDIT: Sigil and book type export in epub format. For kindle format use calibre or send the novel to your kindle account.