Having trouble opting out of the "Show Page Layout" view.

I want to opt out of the “Show Page Layout” view that’s used to view what your project will look like in a PDF, but I’m having trouble doing so. I can’t seem to remember how I activated the view in the first place, and I’m unsure on how to opt out, as well. Help!

Do you mean ‘Page View’ in the Editor?

The shortcut to toggle this on and off is Shift-opt-cmd p, and the menu command is View > Text Editing > Show/Hide Page View.

(BTW, do you know about the standard Mac trick for finding which menu a command is on? If you go to the help menu and type “Page” into the search box, you’ll get a list of all the commands with Page in the title and their locations. (The short cut for the search bar is cmd-shift /. This works on any Mac program with a help menu.)


Thank you so much, this did the trick! And yes, I am aware of the trick.

Glad it helped!