Header and Footer Paragraph Spacing

Hey Scriveners!

I’m having a problem formatting my headers. I’m using the same header on all pages with my novel title on the left and my name on the right.

If I leave it at the default settings, the header comes out really close to the top of the paper - only 5mm from the top which is too high for my purposes.

I can’t find any options for header/footer margins and there are no options within the header/footer font settings to add paragraph spacing i.e. points before / points after.

If I add a ctrl-enter before my text to drop the header down a line, the far right header joins the header on the left putting my name underneath the novel title, which isn’t what I want either.

I’d be so grateful for some pointers here! I was hoping to send it out today! :smiley:



Hi Gilly,

It sounds as though your printer is reporting a not-quite-accurate “printable area”. To fix this, open up Page Setup (via the “Page Settings” pane of Compile if you have ticked the box there to use custom page settings, or via the File menu otherwise). Then, from “Paper Size”, choose “Manage Custom Sizes…” and under “Non-Printable Area” choose “User Defined.” Play around with the values in the top and bottom boxes and this should fix your issue.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Hi Keith … as always, you’re spot on.

My printer is one of those borderless printers with a non-printable area of only a mm or so, so it was pushing the header almost off the page. Adjusted it to 1cm as you suggested and bingo! Looks perfect now.

Thanks so much.