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I can’t figure this one out, and I can’t find anything on the forums to see what the problem might be. In my header bars, the space between letter in the title is variable, such that when the editor is too narrow, it gets all garbled. Here it is, looking normal:

Here it is when I narrow the editor window down:

Can this be fixed such that the beginning of the document title is preserved, such that I can see it?

Long titles should be abbreviated in the header bar, with the first and last parts of the title displayed and an ellipses in place of the text that is cut out of the middle. We did just put out an update to the iOS app yesterday. If you haven’t updated yet, I’d do that and see if the issue persists afterward!

This is for Mac OS, not iOS. Sorry I wasn’t clear. Is there a fix for that?

I installed the latest version for Mac OS. The problem is still there. If it helps, I’m using Monterey 12.3.

Okay, I’ve moved this thread to appear in the correct location.

In macOS, the ellipses are placed at the end of the title, so only as much as much of the beginning of the title should be displayed as can be properly fit in the window. You might try updating to macOS 12.4 to rule that out as a factor and go to Scrivener → Check for Updates to make sure Scrivener is up to date as well. Then, restart your computer for good measure.

If updating doesn’t fix it, do you see this in all of your projects, or just a particular one? If it’s limited to a particular project, I’d try resetting its displays.

Part of what you are seeing here is “intentional”, and a baked in part of how macOS works that I don’t think we can do much to change. In addition to cutting off text with an ellipses if it gets too long for the field space, it also starts to jam the letters up together. Personally, I think it looks silly and wish it wouldn’t do it. I’d rather see fewer letters and have them all spaced out as the font designer intended. But like I say, that’s just something you have to live with on a Mac with certain types of text fields and fonts. You should see that happen dynamically as you increase and decrease the overall width of the editor or window.

Now, what you have shown here in your screenshot looks beyond what is intentional. We shouldn’t be seeing full overlap of characters like that. I can only guess that it’s a problem with the particular font are you using in your header bar. I do have a recollection of some fonts working better than others, in fields that compress text like this.

So try going into the Appearance: Main Editor: Fonts tab of preferences. After clicking on the font selection tool, I would first try using the “System Fonts” dropdown at the bottom and selecting “System Font”. This font was designed to work well with field compression (as you can imagine), and actually does very little of it—I wish more fonts work the way it does. At any rate, given that, if you still see major issues with that font, then this is some larger problem.

I wouldn’t know how to fix it, to be clear, but the basic troubleshooting advice given above by JenT is a good start. I’d also do a quick reinstall of the software from a fresh download, just to make sure nothing is damaged with the copy you have installed.

Thank you for the suggestion. Changing the font to System Fonts seemed to work. I didn’t change anything (I didn’t know that font could be changed), so somehow it was changed when I installed either the new version of Scrivener or Monterey.

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