Header bar remains grey instead of blue or red

Dear community,

I’ve just found out that the header bar of an editor in a split screen needs to be blue if you want to switch to another document. In my current project one of the two editors has a blue header bar and I can view any document in it I like.
The neighbour editor, however, has a grey header bar and I can’t switch to another document to compare two documents. Even if I click into the header bar it remains grey.
In another project, there is no such problem. I can click both header bars, lock and unlock them and choose any document for each editor.
What’s my mistake in the first project?


The header bars work the way you describe if you leave all of the navigation settings alone, but they will change behaviour if you set, for example, Navigate ▸ Binder Selection Affects ▸ Left Editor. In that case it will always stay blue on the left side, even if you click into the right side. You can use that same submenu to switch it back to “Current Editor”, which is the default you are used to. There is also the command to “Clear All Navigation Options” in that same navigate menu—but that might do more than you want.

So that’s a useful setting to know about. It can be nice if you want to pin something to one side so you can easily flip between things in the other split, without having to worry about which is active, and there are some other nice settings in there as well. “Both” can be nice if you set one side to corkboard/outliner and the other side to Scrivenings, for instance.