Header can't be shown in new projects

In all my existing projects I’ve chosen View-Editor Layout-Show Header and I can toggle it on and off. Since installing Catalina this week I’ve created 2 new projects & Show Header isn’t available in either of them. There’s no header in the editor panel yet the menu states Hide Header. Thankfully it’s still working in all previous projects but It’s worrying if I cant use it in future projects because I rely on the header a lot for switching between files & find it easier for writing/changing file names. I’ve tried quitting & restarting Scrivener but it hasnt helped. (It may just be coincidence but this isnt my first post-Catalina glitch. Mac’s own Pages app now isn’t working at all - lucky I rarely use it).

Have you restarted the Mac?

The other thing to check is your Scrivener version. 3.1.5 is the latest and has quite a few Catalina fixes, I hear.

Hope this helps!

Thankyou. Check for Updates in the Scrivener menu gave an error message so I installed the latest version from the website & now all seems to be fine.