Header font weirdness

(I have looked at other topics with this subject. None of the things posted there have helped me, which is why I’m posting this.)

In my compile, I want everything to be Times New Roman. The body looks fine. However, no matter what I do, the headers are in Helvetica 12. More than that, a header appears on the first page of the document, even though I have the settings to only have the header after the first.
first page header.png
main body header.png

By the way, I see that “Use Project Page Settings” is unchecked. I didn’t bother making new screenshots, but I did check that and recompile – I still get the headers in Helvetica 12, including on the first page.

Something to rule out…

Is Helvetica listed as in the image below? If yes, scroll to the top of the font list and select Determined by Section Layout.

And what header options are you using?

Slàinte mhòr.

Actually, looks like a bug:

If you only want Times New Roman, changing the font as shown in the first image above to Times New Roman (rather than Determined by Section Layout) seems to work.

Slàinte mhòr.

Sorry for my English, I’m Italian, so I may make mistakes.

Yes, as stated in the topic linked by JoRo, if you try to change the default Header/Footer font to another that is not used in any of the texts you’re going to compile, in the compiled document Scrivener will use the original texts font (or one of them, if there are more than one - I don’t know how the choice algorithm works).
I tried with some texts only in Palatino, setting Header to Courier New and Footer to Times New Roman and assigning a Section Layout without title (only main body). The compiled document had Header and Footer in Palatino.
So, the simpler way to obtain what Diane want is to choose “Times New Roman” from the list of font that appears when you click on the ‘up-down’ symbol to the far right of the option ‘Font’ evidenced by JoRo in [her | his] first screenshot.

The “Use Project Page Setting” option has no relevance, here: it pertains to the compiled document page format (A4, A5, etc.), orientation (portrait or landscape), scale (100%, 80%, and so on) and margins; but if you don’t need a particular page format, it’s better to have the option checked.

As for the Header and Footer, setting Scrivener in order to have them only after the first page(s) it is not enough; you have to:

  • in the ‘Options’ panel (second JoRo’s screenshot), have the “Main body header and footer starts:” on ‘on page 2’);
  • in the 'Header and Footer Text" panel, select ‘First pages’ and make sure that all the three slots for Header and the three for Footer are blank;
  • in the same panel, select ‘Main body’ and place in those slots whatever text and/or placeholders you wish.

Now, after compiling, you should obtain what you want.
Beware: if your first text in Scrivener - the one which it considers as ‘First page(s)’ - spans over more than one page of the compiled document, all this pages won’t have any header and footer; header and footer will start on the first page of the second Scrivener text.

That is what I discovered so far. Scrivener compiling options are intricate, maybe there is another way.

The rest of the text I’m compiling does come out in Times New Roman, so that shouldn’t be an issue. The actual binder files are actually written with Cochin, which I prefer, but the output is definitely Times New Roman. Nothing in the manuscript or the compile setup is Helvetica.

The compile layout I’m using is “My Manuscript (Times),” which I copied from the “Manuscript (Times)” layout. I have checked all of the various Header and Section fonts – every section claims to be Times New Roman.

However, changing the layout setting from “Determined by Section Layout” to “Times New Roman” did change the header, so despite wanting to know why this Helvetica weirdness is happening I’m just going with the hard-coded font choice! Thanks.

You’re welcome, Diane.
Slightly off topic: In my first reply I wrote:

well, it’s not ever true: trying various combinations of settings, that behaviour seems to appear erratically. I must investigate.

Could you please attach (or send us) a sample project showing the issue? (It might be related to a bug I’ve fixed for the next update.)

Thanks and all the best,

Sure, Keith.
I attached the project (in ZIP format), the Word document compiled using the format “prova” (also this in ZIP format) and a screenshot with the result of my investigations.

Hope it serves.

Test Pro 2.zip (13.1 KB)
Test Pro.zip (67.9 KB)

I never did figure this out either. Even after I did set all the project text to the same font as the header. Anyway It was not that important to me so I left it. I use scrivener for the first draft the compile to a word doc where it lives for editing. The editor does not care about header fonts (Just me as I am a perfectionist.). After editing the word doc goes to another program for epub creation which does not care about header fonts. Anyway if I really care it only takes a minute in word to change the header font, although It does have to be done for each chapter.