Header/Footer not exporting to Word on Compile

Compile has stopped including headers and footers when I export to Word. Nothing changed my end (other than last upgrade) – ie it worked one day and then one day it did not. Have checked compile settings in headers and footers, still has text, pagination etc. but headers and footers coming through blank on all pages.
Any ideas appreciated?

Things I would try to see what makes a difference:

  1. Compiling to rtf instead to see if headers and footers come through. This woukd be telling, because it suggests the issue is just with conversion to docx.

  2. Compiling to docx, but after toggling on/off the enhanced docx converters (in Scriv prefs). This would be of interest because it may pinpoint the issue as concerning one particular converter.

By the way, I wonder if you have another project you can try headers and footers with to see if the problem you are seeing is general or project specific. Might also be revealing.


Thanks gr, very helpful
Compiled to rtf … no problems, footer there
Went to preferences and found enhanced converters for Word was not enabled. Doing so fixed the problem
Appreciate your help

Glad you got it sorted!

What you discovered actually points to a possible bug in Scrivener’s own in-house converter — which is an active focus of development. I am going to drop a note in the thread devoted to that converter testing so someone will look into it.

All Best,

Could you please zip up and send us the project that exhibits the issue (to mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com FAO me)? This indicates an issue in our in-house converters which I would like to fix.

Thanks and all the best,