Header formatting squished

I’m trying some new stuff with headers and I’ve run into a problem. I’ve got the headers set to use the same font as the body, but larger. The problem is that Scrivener seems to be setting the kerning completely wrong. The header is quite squished. Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a bug? Is there, perhaps, some way I can use styles in the header, rather than having to set the font explicitly in the project format settings?

Here’s what my headers look like at the moment:

Edit: after further investigation, it looks like Scrivener isn’t obeying the header font settings at all. I set it to use the same font and size as the body and the headers came out looking exactly the same as the screenshot above.

Edit 2: If it helps, this is an Adobe font. When I tried setting a different font (Arial Black) it seemed to work fine. For some reason with Adobe Caslon Pro it’s using much larger letters than I tell it to. I even tried setting it to 36pt, then to 6pt. The font size changed, but still bigger than it should have been. At 6pt it was just a bit smaller (not much) than the 11pt body text, and still with the out of whack kerning.

Here it is after I set the headers to use Adobe Caslon Pro italic at 6pt:

Edit 3: I tried switching to another Adobe font, Garamond Premiere, and the same sizing issue occurs. I’m starting to think this might be a bug in how Scrivener deals with Adobe fonts.