header formatting

How do I compile this way?

Left page header has:
<$p> … author’s name …

Right page header has:
… book title … <$p>

For … x … the x is centered on the page while the page number is at the edge.

You can set the alignment to “center” then use something like this:

<$p> Author’s Name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Book Title <$p>

using spaces to pad the space between them, driving them to the edges.

I realize this isn’t an ideal solution. An improved header system has been designed to solve this problem, but we can’t say when it will be ready to use.

Literature and Latte Support

And just to add to that, setting up headers and footers is one of the easiest things to do in a word processor after you compile, thanks to how they are universally configured. You just open up the final copy you compiled from Scrivener, set a few things in Word, and now it is good to go. This is mainly only an issue if you intended to print or generate PDFs straight out of Scrivener. That can sometimes work, but you’ll often need to polish off a job with a design program.