Header Placement: 3.2.1 vs. 3.2.2 and/or MacOS Big Sur vs. Monterey

Not sure if this is a bug in Scrivener, MacOS, or a different non-bug oddity, but I noticed it and am having trouble resolving so figured I’d report it and see if it helped.

I compiled a print version of a Scrivener project on 7/29/21 and was very happy with the final file.

Yesterday I found a small minor typo, so I corrected it and recompiled.

Opening the old and new compiled files side by side, I noticed the Headers are directly above the main body text when they used to have an extra line break. Everything else appears to be exactly the same (page count, font size, rest of the layout of the page, etc.)

No settings on my project changed between the two compiles – but in the intervening ~5 months I updated Scrivener from 3.2.2 to 3.2.3 and also updated MacOS from Big Sur to Monterey.

Screenshot of the two compiled PDFs side by side is below, showing the only difference appears to be the placement of the header being slightly lower and closer to the main text:

Any ideas if this issue came from the Scrivener update or the MacOS update – or more importantly which setting to tweak to resolve?

(I’m running Scrivener 3.2.3 on Monterey 12.1. Same outcome on a 2015 MacBook Air & a 2019 iMac accessing the same project via Dropbox – both Intel based machines and not M1.)


There was no line break. Headers are centered between the top of the page and the start of the text as defined by the upper margin.

That’s more than enough to explain almost anything. In both versions of the output, I think you needed a larger top margin. The left-hand header shouldn’t be so much like a heading within the text. A larger top margin would make the small difference between two outcomes not as noticeable, besides.