Header Problems When Exported to OpenOffice

Here’s a problem I’m having:

I compile to an RTF.
I open it in OpenOffice, and copy all the text
I create a new document using the CreateSpace template
I paste the text into this new document.

Everything is fine, but I find that I cannot change the page style of any pages. I need to make the chapter pages use the style “First Page” so the heading won’t appear.

I right click on “Default Page” in the status bar, and select “First Page,” but absolutely nothing happens.

Anyone solved this?



Here’s what I’ve learned:

If you choose a page break, and don’t specify a page style, OO forces the next page to have the same page style as before the break.

So, I will have to go to all forty of my Chapter page breaks, delete them, then insert a new page break.

I haven’t found a better way so far.

Can you do something like turn the page breaks into section breaks? That should allow you to define the sections differently.

What MM said. Unless each of your 40 pages is unique, you should only need two page styles. You should have a “first page” style and a “subsequent pages” style. OO senses new sections and applies these automatically, as I recall. If not, you can manually select them from the paragraph. In the design mode | organizer tab of the “first page” style, ensure that “next style” reads “subsequent pages” or whatever you name that one.

–OR, sometimes when you paste text in, the page style is created and locked by default, because a new section has been automatically created. Put your cursor in the “misbehaving” section. Click Insert | Section (yeah, this is counterintuitive). There should be a list of section names. Click the one that matches your inserted section name. Then you can deselect the write protection checkbox. Does this help?