Header question re sectiontitle

The Tags help document says this about the “<$sectiontitle>” tag when printing or exporting to PDF:

" … if your chapters are broken down into smaller sections placed inside folders, and the folders mark the start of each new chapter, then the folder’s title will replace “<$sectiontitle>” throughout the chapter headers and footers."

I don’t find this to work. I find that even though my chapters are folders and all other subsections are not folders, that tag gets replaced by each section title even if it’s not a folder title. I’m compiling to PDF.

I find that if a subsection document is set to have a Page Break Before, the SectionTitle tag grabs its name instead of the level one folder name. I also find that occasionally the SectionTitle tag grabs the Project Abbreviation.

Assuming it’s relevant, this Project has 3 levels. The first level is always a folder, and no other levels are folders. I frequently set a level two subsection with the Page Break Before code, and occasionally do that with a level three subsection. Such page breaks always end up placing that subsection document name in the SectionTitle tag.

Not sure what the pattern is for seeing the Project Abbreviation grabbed by the SectionTitle tag.


The mention of folders is just an example. The full text of the description in the Placeholder Tags List… help gives more information:

So it has nothing to do with folders - the first document to appear after the page break provides the section title.

I’m not sure why the abbreviated title would appear there, though. I might need more information on that.

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Ok. I thought the section I cited implied that if I had chapters and subsections, where chapters were delineated as folders, then folder names were grabbed no matter what document came first after a page break. I thought this amounted to a Level One Title override whenever a page break is found. I was hoping I could get the PDF to always show the chapter name in the header of each page.

Ultimately, I was attempting to have this as the header for each page:


If I was able to insert a LevelOneTitle, would I have been able to insert a carriage return in there? I didn’t see code for that.

No, the section you cited was just an example of how it might work given a particular structure.

To enter a carriage return into a text field, hold down the Option key while pressing Return.

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