Header text bugged?

Let me start by saying that I’ve been using Scrivener almost since it was first released, and I’m pretty familiar with it. I’m having a problem that has to be a bug—when I compile a PDF or Word document, Scrivener inserts an extra space in the header text that shouldn’t be there. In the compile settings (Compile > Edit format > Page settings > Header and footer text), I’ve used the <$fullname> variable. My name in the “Author Information” setting is “Tim White,” with no extra space between the W and the H in “White.” But Scrivener keeps outputting “Tim W hite,” even when I manually type “Tim White” in the header settings instead of using the <$fullname> variable. I’ve been at this for 4 hours and I can’t make it get rid of that extra space. Please help!

Is there a physical space character (you should be able to verify this in the Word version) ?
Or is it perhaps just an ugly font that poorly handles letters spacing ?

At least your testing shows that it has nothing to do with using a placeholder.

It’s definitely a space, when I copy and paste it into Notepad or Word, there’s a space there that I can delete

What if you write Xhite instead of White ?

If it comes out without a space, check your replacements. (?)

Interesting, and thank you for the idea—“Xhite” comes out correctly, but I have no replacements set up (I’ve never had a need for them). Any idea what could explain the difference?

Not as of yet.

(There are replacements in the compile format, and also in the compiler itself, on the right. Check both places.)
You might want to try and tick/untick the compatibility settings in your compile format.

My feeling, though based on a hunch solely, is that it wants your name to be something like Tim W. White. (No idea why. But the fact that it doesn’t with Xhite, means that it has something to do with “W”. That leaves not much other than the replacements.)

I did check the replacement settings in both places, there’s nothing there. I’ve never used the replacement feature in either place.

It is something local.
I just compiled a doc of mine to PDF with Tim White as the header : no issue.

Compile again, this time changing White for While ?
(I want to know if the issue is “W” or “White”.)

You could also add “White” in the editor/body text and see how it compiles.

I appreciate your help, I think we’re inching closer to an answer. “Tim While” produces the same error—comes out “Tim W hile.” Also, I’ve used the <$fullname> placeholder on the title page and it comes out correctly there, the error only happens in the header.

Also, “white” comes out correctly everywhere else in the manuscript

Which one of the three headers is it ? Left, center or right ?
See if one of the unused one has a space leftover in there.

I’ve been using the center header. Just tried it with both left and right, same error in both cases.

If you have LibreOffice, you could compile to RTF and fix it in there.
(You’d only need to fix one instance of the header and it’d be fixed for all of them.)
From there converting to the other formats is easy.

Other than that I have no idea. And I can’t really search for a fix, since the issue is local to your computer. I tested it and it is fine at my end.

Alright, I’ll try the RTF workaround. Thanks.

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New discovery—changing the header font fixes the problem. No idea why, since the font I was using is also on the title page and it compiles correctly there. The problematic font was High Tower Text.

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The <$fullname> placeholder doesn’t read in the Author Information under File > Options, it reads the Forename and Surname fields in Compile > (second tab) Set Metadata such as the title and author.