Header view contextual menu

This may be a bug or not…

I have the trackpad on my MBPro set so that a two-finger tap activates the contextual menu (i.e. activates the Control key).

The only place on my entire system, (including applications) where this fails to work, is in the header bar of the Scrivener editor window.

If I need to “Reveal in Binder” or “Lock in Place” for instance, I have to hold the Control key and click - a two fingered approach doesn’t work.

It’s not a major problem of course (just occasionally distracting) but I was curious to know if anyone else had observed the same?

It’s just a regular click, actually. :slight_smile:

Well, yes and no.
The header bar menu is accessed with an ordinary (left) click on the proxy icon in the header bar –– i.e. with single-finger tap on that icon in your (and my) case. Holding down any of Cmd, Option or Control (in any combination) makes no difference.

(There is also a contextual menu that you get if you Control-click/right click/two-finger tap on any other part of the header, when (and only when) the text focus is already in the header bar. But that’s not the one you mean: it doesn’t have ‘Lock in place’ or ‘Reveal in binder’ in it.)

What MM means is that it isn’t a contextual menu - it isn’t intended to be. Just click on the menu to open it - you don’t need to hold down “Control” at all.

That’s made everything a lot clearer.

thanks all :smiley: