header with section numbering

Hi there,

I would like to compile a PDF-file with a header that contains:

  1. the section number, e.g. “1.2”
  2. the section title. e.g. “Learning to write”
  3. the page number, e.g. “56”

it should thus look like:

1.2 Learning to write 56

(underlining the whole header would also be nice)

I know how to do this using LATEX but could not figure it out in Scrivener.

In “compile->page settings” I can specify:

| <$sectiontitle> | |“empty”| |<$p>|

this gives

Learning to write 56

I tried

|<$hn> <$sectiontitle> | |“empty”| |<$p>|

but this gives

<$hn> Learning to write 56

Do you have any suggestions on this?

Thank you very much!

Anyone, please?

Is it possible or not at all?

If not could this functionality be implemented in a future release?


Table 25.4 in the manual lists the tokens available for headers. The token <$hn> doesn’t seem to be among them.