Header with two placeholders causing compile to crash


I’m trying to include two different placeholders (<$pageGroupParentTitle> and <$pageGroupTitle>, i.e. Section Title: Chapter Title.) in the header of a book’s recto pages. However, when I compile it, the file crashes and doesn’t generate the PDF correctly.

If I use them both on individual pages (recto + verso), it compiles without issue – it only crashes when I try and include them both on the same page (recto).

Any thoughts?


I’d say: Make sure you have the latest version of Scrivener and if it still crashes, send the crash report to L&L.

Sorry, in most cases, Scrivener itself doesn’t crash – it just compiles a corrupted PDF.

If I place <$pageGroupParentTitle> in the header and <$pageGroupTitle> in the footer of the same page, it creates a PDF without issue – it’s as soon as I put them both in the same field. On a side note, I can put a <$p> with either, and it works, just not those two placeholders together.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

— Peter

I’ve tried to reproduce this without any luck. I used one of the Paperback starters to test it, first putting <$pageGroupParentTitle> <$pageGroupTitle> in the middle header field, and then I also pasted that same text into the Facing Pages middle header field. The PDF comes out as expected in both cases.

There may be some other specific conditions required to see this. Would it be possible to send a little sample project that demonstrates it? It should be possible with any dummy text since in theory it’s all about the compile settings, but testing with dummy text that is organised the same way in the binder as your work would be a good thing to test for anyway—maybe it’s something about the folder names for example.