I’m writing a school paper, and I need for the entire document, title page excepted, to have the same header. It needs to include my name, school and institute, the course I’m taking and my student ID. How do I create a header like that? I can’t seem to find the answer in the ‘help’ menu…

In the Compile / Page Settings, is where you set the style and content of what goes in your header. Unfortunately I’m no expert in how you set the <> code in the relevant box - hopefully someone will drop by and tell us.

That’s quite a lot to fit into a header, but ScriverTid is pointing you to the right place to do it. You may just have to type most of that out, though there are placeholder tags for the project title and your name, (see appendix D of the Scrivener manual, available under the Help menu).

Note that you can set those values in Project->Metadata Settings…->Project Properties.

It is possible to have a tall header, you can insert carriage returns into the header fields with Opt-Return as needed, too. What you will most likely need to do is adjust the page margins to fit the header. For example, the following print preview has a 2.5" margin on the top: