Headers & Footers position


I’m really tempted to switch from Pages to Scrivener to write my essays, but I was wondering if it’s possible to change headers and footers position when I compile. The default position looks a bit far from the text (too close to the page’s end) and I can’t find a way to move it.


There isn’t a specific setting for that, but if you use the .docx compile format, these will be exported as true headers/footers, so it’s pretty easy to just open that up in Pages and adjust it before doing a final print.

In compile, I use a paragraph return before the header text to nudge it down a little. You could also add a return after the footer to push the compiled footer up, I assume. Suit your needs?

In the ‘Page Setup’ Pane? How do I add a paragraph return?


In most text fields on a Mac that do not otherwise let you enter whitespace characters, you can hold down the Option key in combination with Return or Tab to insert them.