Headers in compiled draft?

I set up headers in the compile draft options, and exported to RTF, but when I open it in Pages, there are no headers. They’re not there when I use the “print” option in compile draft and open it in preview either.

So what combination of options and external word processors is necessary for me to get my compiled draft to include the headers that I want to set up in Scrivener?

Along the same lines, how do I get the page breaks to show up?


I’m afraid the fault lies with Pages. Pages does not fully support the RTF format. Pages won’t import headers, footers, images or footnotes from RTF files. (And unfortunately, although Pages supports these features in .doc and .docx, Scrivener does not.) Sadly Pages is really designed only as a substitute for Word, and doesn’t interact with other programs so well. So the only way around it is to open the RTF file in Word, Nisus Writer or Mellel (or any other word processor that supports the RTF file format properly - almost all other word processors worth their salt should do) and then save to .doc or .docx, then open that in Pages.

Please also take the time to give Apple some feedback, asking them for better RTF support, by filling in the Pages feedback form here:


Be sure to ask them for full support of RTF just as they support DOC and DOCX, specifically adding support for images, headers and footers, footnotes and comments. Be sure to point out that RTF is a standard file format and is read by almost any word processor, and it would make it much easier to use Pages with many other programs.

I don’t suppose it will have much effect, as I’ve been hoping they’ll improve RTF support since Pages 1.0, but maybe if enough people ask for it they will listen.

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Thanks for the help! I submitted the feature request for Pages to fully support RTF, noting that I would be forced to use competing products instead of upgrading iWork in the future, if they could not support such a basic and universally implemented feature. I hope my message is the straw the finally breaks the back of their resistance to this enhancement.

Thanks! They probably got two messages asking for the same thing, as after your post I took the time to submit another request asking for exactly the same thing again, as I don’t think I’ve sent feedback since 3.0. I thought it couldn’t help to remind them.

To anyone else who comes across this thread: please take the time to fill in the Pages feedback form and ask them for full RTF support, specifically for page breaks, comments, footnotes, images, headers and footers - all of which have been standard in the RTF format since long before 1997. And if I can add support for these features to RTF by hacking into the standard Apple RTF importers and exporters, it should be a day’s work for an Apple programmer. :slight_smile:

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P.S. In the meantime, I do recommend Nisus Writer.