Headers, page numbers, page breaks vanish when I compile to RTF

My project compiles to pdf just fine, but I’d like to compile to rtf. When I do, using the same format that I used to compile it to pdf, everything is different: no headers, no page numbers, and no page breaks where appropriate.

I’m opening it directly in Pages, not going through TextEdit.

Could I have set something wrong that would have caused these errors? What am I missing?

Have you tried opening the rtf with something else besides Pages? If you have Word, I would open it with that just to see if the same problems show. Even opening in textedit and confirming that the very same problems show there would tell us something.


I don’t have Word, but yes, the same thing appears in TextEdit.

We actually recommend Word, not RTF, as the output format if your final destination is Pages, because the Pages RTF converter is not particularly good.


I think Katherine is suggesting you compile to a Word format (doc or docx?) and open that in Pages, because that can often give better results, because of weaknesses in Pages’ own rtf conversion algorithm.