New to scrivener. I’ve read manual and looked at tutorials, but still confused. Do I have to add headers: name, title, page number, to every page or does the program do it automatically. Brand new so if you can explain it for dummies I’d appreciate it.


Shortest answer: Program does it automatically.

Slightly longer answer: Please see our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu, in which many fundamental ideas about how Scrivener works are explained. You might also want to review the Quick Tour in Chapter 6 of the Scrivener manual.

Still longer answer: While you are actually writing the document, it is just a continuous stream of text. Scrivener doesn’t know what page size you want, what headers you want, or where the headers should be placed. Instead, these elements are applied when you output the document to its final form using the Compile command. The Compile command is discussed in great detail in Chapter 24 of the Scrivener manual, and page settings specifically are explained in Section 24.22.