I’m trying to compile a book of poetry where each page is literally a ‘single page’ document.
The books in 5 parts, each with about 10 single-page poems.
I want a header with for each of the 5 parts.
Is there any way to do this?
(it seems headers are based on having occasional single pages and/or ‘page-breaks’ as part of a longer document; but in my book every single poem-page is effectively a ‘chapter’. So I can get a different header for each poem title, but not for each of the 5 longer section titles - any way around this?)
Thanks for your help.

For that, you’ll need to export it to RTF or Doc(X), open it in your word processor, set section breaks at appropriate points and set separate headers for each section.

If you’re wanting it to be ePub/Mobi, then I think you’ll have to proceed from there, but I don’t know enough about ePub/Mobi, apart from knowing that there are not really such things as “pages” in an ePub. iBooks will be different again.

Mr X