What I was trying to do:
I have a file titled JUC Sunday night writing group. I am using Scrivener to add a new folder to the same file for each class. I usually print out just one folder for my current writing assignment to take to the class. When I hit command P to print the folder, I could not get set up to print with any header that I liked (or footer). The header only said the title of the file, plus the file type, then the folder name.

I can’t seem to find the answer to how I can print pages with a standard header and footer. It seems Scrivener has tools for output as well as writing but up till now I haven’t focused on them at all. It defaulted to printing the header with a file type that said that it was a Scrivener file. This is not a demo and I really think I should be in charge of what to put on a page I print out and I should not be allowing my software to mark it’s territory. Neither could I put the footer right as I normally put in page XX of XX and the date printed in the footer.

I apologize for not having a clue about markdowns but is that what I have to try to understand to see how to do this? Or is it something that once I again I am just not seeing right in front of my face? BTW, the reason I chose Print for my output and not compile is that I was searching through preferences everywhere trying to learn how to make the header work correctly. I was just trying compile draft while writing this query to the forums and I could not make that method adjust correctly either. There are check marks for inclusion of different parts there and apparently I guess wrong because all I printed was a blank page. And even so it did not allow me a way to insert the relatively standard page XX of XX nor the date printed. And as already stated, there was not way that I saw to put the header to the way I wanted it to appear.

Kind assistance would be appreciated.

ADDED: I[i] have looked more closely at the compile draft settings and I still can’t see how to put in a custom header/footer. I can select just the one folder to compile. I can select from the Document Elements from Files, File Groups or Folders. Right now I have all the left buttons selected under File save the Synopsys button. I still get a standard header (no file name with Scrivener on it though).

Under text options it allows me to put in either a header or a footer of my choice, but not both - Whaaat??) But, this isnt showing ont he output either.[/i]


The easiest way to resolve your problem is export the folder and files you want to print, pull them into a word processor, supply the headers that you need, and then print. Scrivener is not designed to format files to the nth degree. It’s for ideas, outlines, notes, and drafts. The tutorial and forum make this conceptual point repeatedly, but it bears repeating often. Good luck with the writing group.

Hmm, well that is too bad then. I was rather hoping that all that inclusion or markdown information and what I have been reading about Scrivener before purchasing it…

From http://www.literatureandlatte.com:

… seems quite suggestive that Scrivener was indeed much like a word processor (emphasis mine). Such things as I have asked certainly would seem possible for even a basic word processor.

It isn’t the worst thing in the world that it does not do all of this, but it seems like what I am asking should not be that much of a stretch. In the examples I gave, I put my name on the header in the compile draft for example, but it still did not compile with my name on the document.

Still what should not be missed is that I am only now having problems producing output because I am using Scrivener to get my writings started and to a point for output. So I am grateful for that in any case.

Thanks for the “attaboy” on the writing class. At first I was leery of it as it is about first person narratives. I came hoping to find help in writing grander things. Yet the feedback has been very good in that group. I find that my writing muscles have been building slowly and my writing has improved quite a bit, in clarity, in brevity and in my confidence to write about more of what I feel passionate about.

I’ve found the Compile Draft/Text Options command sufficient most of the time. It’s great for, say, putting my name and the title on the pages of a draft being submitted to an editor. It’s not intended for final formatting of a production version, though.

From your note, it isn’t clear whether you are trying to do something more complex than Compile Draft can handle, or whether you’re having a problem getting the included functionality to work. Or perhaps both?



You can set the header or footer to anything want via Compile Draft, so I’m not quite sure what the problem is… What are you inputting into the header and what is coming out? You cannot set the header for the File > Print command, which is intended as just a quick and rough way of printing. Compile Draft is where you set everything up for the final manuscript output. (The next update allows you to define both a header and a footer in Compile Draft with a little more flexibility, but that won’t be out for some months yet.)

Scrivener does indeed provide a basic word processor - it is not, however, a page layout program, as is stated on the product page. It can set up manuscripts for novels and plays without needing an external program, but for more complicated formatting you will definitely need a dedicated word processor/page layout program.

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