Heading issues centering and formatting

Okay, A quick question on Chapter headings.

I’m using chapterheadings in my book, with Section Title as the heading, going from the names in my individual chapters.

I’ve been trying to set up for different sizes, fonts and alignments, but it won’t change. Now, I’m in the “Section layouts” of the Compile setting pane. I go to formatting. Settings are the following:

No style, body text, font size 16. no prefix, 5 line padding on suffix to keep it from sitting on the body.

Now, when I change underline/bold/italics, that is reflected in the final compiled product. but no matter what I do, the font size remains the same, and it’s always right justified.

when I try to change it in the compiler, I can hit the center justification, and the header is centered–but it won’t save as centered, no matter what I do. When I click on another section and go back, whether or not I hit save, the header is right justified.

The body text is in another document, and this one is a header, only containing the header and no text, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, I also tried checking the “text” box in the compiler but that had no change in the final product. The only difference in that case is that it appears to save as centered–but there’s no change in the final compiled product.

The settings below are:

preserve uncommon alignment (checked) and
Text and notes use custom formatting (I’ve tried the other settings, no different).

I’ve also tried saving to PDF and Docx, just to make certain this isn’t a epub only issue, and there’s no difewrence.

So I know there’s gotta be a way to make this center stick, because that’s something that is well, necessary when doing chapter headings, but evidently I’m missing it.

I’m going to try to create new compile settings from scratch rather than muck with my current settings. It may let me have a better idea of what is working and what isn’t. Like I said, this is clearly me, not the program, because lots of people are having no problem with it.

Yeah it sounds to me like perhaps something about your compile format got messed up at some point at a technical level, and it is no longer loading or saving correctly. There are no default settings that would use right alignment, which indicates it is stuck on something specifically set at some point. What I would do is:

  1. Use the ... button in the footer to export your settings to a file, and send a copy of that to technical support. It may be there is a bug in how settings are read and that will help them solve it. Please specify this thread URL so they can connect you with me.
  2. Next I would try the easiest path for repair: first delete the Section Layout entirely, and create it again from scratch.
  3. If that does not work, I would either see if support can help repair it from the file you sent or advise you on how to do so, or recreate the Format from scratch—all depending on how much work that would entail either way.
  • preserve uncommon alignment (checked) and
  • Text and notes use custom formatting (I’ve tried the other settings, no different).

For the record, these are not necessary to implement any changes in the Layout itself. They are for when text formatting is being overridden, either by the default settings for the ebook design, or by this specific layout, and will pass-thru formatting from the original text. So if you were to centre-align a separator in your body content, the uncommon alignment checkbox would allow that to happen, as opposed to forcing everything to left alignment.

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