Heading styles are not compiling correctly

I’ve edited heading styles using ‘Format > Style > Redefine Style from Selection’, but when I compile, the formats display incorrectly in Word. E.g. they’re the wrong size font, one is underlined when I selected bold, etc.

I’ve selected both the ‘Include Font Family’ and ‘Include Font Size’ checkboxes.

Can anyone help!?
Thank you.

Perhaps the styles you used are overridden in the “styles” panel of your compile format ?

Ok, thanks Vincent. Do you know how I might go about checking if that is the case?

In the compile panel, left side, double click the compile format you used → styles panel
See if those “defectives” styles are in the list.
If yes, remove them.
→ You can clone the compile format first if you need it as it is for another project.

Thank you Vincent! You’re a superstar. Would never have worked that out. All fixed.