Heading Titles not appearing on top of new page in PDF Preview while Compiling:

I am using Version 3.0.1 of Scrivener on a Mac OS Laptop, and I’m running through a big problem whenever I am trying to preview the PDF of my book I’ve been working on.

I have my setup like this:

  1. The contents of my book are divided into sections in the folders of my non-fiction novel project on Scrivener, and I have the Parts of my Chapters in my book along with the Chapter Headings (For this instance just for now in Chapter 3).
  2. The issue I am having while compiling using the ‘‘New format’’ on the left hand side being selected, along with the box checked saying ‘‘Different header and footer on pages following page breaks’’ is the fact that the Heading Title for the section of my ‘‘Parts’’ in Chapter 3 seem to be not exactly at the very top of each new page with those headers like with my Chapter titles, but instead, they seem to appear a little bit below where they should appear on the top of the page when I look at the PDF Preview as shown in these Screenshots.

Note: I also have 1 page break inserted at the end of each text in the sections of my chapter folders where the writing is for my book.

Is there a way I can make the Header Titles appear a bit closer to the top of each page like the Chapter title I use as an example? And if so, how can I do this?

Let me know, Thank you…

Under “Section Layouts” > “New Pages”, I would check to see if “pad top of page with” has been set to insert some blank lines for the section layout used for those sections.

All the best,