Headings don't appear at compilation

I’m attempting to compile as Standard Manuscript Format for RTF, but headings are not appearing. This is strange as I have done this many times before with no problem and have changed no settings that I am aware of. The formula appears correctly in the header field in the Page Setup option (<$surname> / <$ABBR_PROJECTTITLE> / <$p>), but neither the project details nor page numbers appear in the compiled text.

Is there something else I am missing?

Are you use the same program as you were before to check out the RTF? Not all programs read the header/footer spec in the RTF—many Mac editors, for instance, do not. Pages won’t either, without routing about through another word processor that does, and turning the file into a .doc, first.

As Ioa, says, it depends on the program you open the RTF file in. If you just double-click on the RTF file in the Finder, for instance, it will most likely open in TextEdit, which doesn’t support header or footers. You need to use a word processor such as Word, Nisus, Mellel or OpenOffice and open the file in that to see the header.

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And not after you have opened it in TextEdit first … I understand that strips out from the file anything it can’t display.

Only if you save the file in TextEdit after opening it. If you just open and close it, it will be fine - it’s saving in TextEdit that strips anything it can’t display.

Thanks everybody - and for such phenomenally fast replies. Yup, that’s the explanation. My prehistoric copy of Word doesn’t work with Lion, so I was opening in Pages and TextEdit. I’ve now done so in Mellel, and everything is fine. Should have tried it before posting, but at least there’s now a record of the problem on the forum in case anyone else runs into it.

This thing with Word is such a pain. Most publishers still seem to require it as default, but I’d hoped to avoid having to pay the big bucks for the upgrade simply to have it on the machine for final conversion of files into publisher-ready form. A totally unnecessary programme otherwise on a Mac. Hardly a new complaint, I know… Hey-ho…

Cheers and thanks again all.

Glad you’re sorted. I have Mellel, but I don’t normally use it. I prefer Nisus Writer Pro, much more OS-X like, and it has RTF as its native file format, which saves a step. More expensive than Mellel, though, but worth every penny to my mind. Mellel is preferred by many in some areas of academics, particularly those who need more than one footnote/endnote stream; on the other hand, it’s more quirky.

But de gustibus … and all that.