Headings for each file


My name is Myke and I am just finishing writing my book “OLIVIA” but I have a problem that I was hoping someone here could help me with.

In Draft I have a lot of documents where each document starts a new “Chapter”. What I would like to have is a different header for each document after compiling. So, throughout my book at the header I would like for the reader to know what what chapter they are reading.

I’m new to this language so I really hope I have explained it well and it makes sense to anyone who can help.

thank you for your time.


Use the <$sectiontitle> placeholder in the header.

A complete list of placeholder tags, with explanations of what they do, is available from the Help menu.


Thank you for your help Katherine.

I can’t get the sectiontittle to display at the header for all of the pages in each section, just the first page in each section.


Where did you put the token? It should be placed into one of the Header or Footer fields, within the Page Settings compile pane. Also, which word processor are you opening the compiled file with? It could be the one you are using doesn’t support headers and footers.