I may be a bit dim here in not being able to figure it out for myself, but do the binder headings stay with the text when you export? This question arises from a sudden fear that I’d lose my headings if I don’t type folder and ‘scene’ headings in the body text they will disappear when I export or print…Please reassure me or advise that I should, in fact, put headings on all my ‘scenes’ (which are currently sub-headings within folders I call ‘chapters’).


It’s up to you - you can set it so that the titles in the binder appear in the print or export, or not. If you open up File > Compile Draft, you will see that there are some options for what gets included - text, titles etc.

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And you can set the font styling for how these headings should universally appear, in the third tab of the Compile dialogue. This method is preferable to putting them directly in the text area, as you can set everything up in one single spot and produce different manuscript variations. An informal print for yourself might have scene titles for your reference, but these would typically be omitted for a manuscript in the final stages—just to give one example.