Headline Only on Note Cards


I’ve been using Scrivener since 1.0 and absolutely love it. Now, I use the cards and the corkboard and have always wished I could just see the headline on the card. When I’m working out a new project, I like just seeing a few chosen words on each card so it would look (and function) like it would with physical cards. A few words written across the center of each card laid out before me. I love the headlines and the synopsis, but wish there was an option to just see headlines or just see the synopsis for that matter. Surely there are other out there who feel the same way?

Thanks for considering my request.


Agreed. Some of us use a long title as the synopsis. If it’s truncated at the top, it should be wrapped around the center of the card in the absence of a composed synopsis.

– Jerome

Have you tried using the Outliner instead? I realise it has a completely different aesthetic, so that might kill the idea all by itself, but it is possible to turn off synopses in the outliner and just view things by their titles.

Yes, the outliner has advantages such as field length control, separate field selection in each editor, and the ability to expand several folders simultaneously. But index cards display ideas in a way that invites individual consideration of each. Just a stimulus change.

– Jerome

Great suggestions. Thank you, AmberV and Jerome.

AmberV - I use the outliner later in the process because you’re right, it’s a different aesthetic. It sounds to me like we all use cards similarly.

Jerome - Agree completely, a stimulus change. I think the best thing about cards is not what’s on them, but what’s next to them. And it’s easier for me to move them around, play with new connections, relationships, when they’re not already in a linear order.

I’ve tried this with Scapple which I also love, but there’s something about the uniform size of the cards that I miss in Scapple.

I hope this makes the next update. Just thinking about it strangely makes me happy. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like if/when it’s there.