Hebrew & Greeks Fonts from Bibleworks

I am having problems copying Hebrew texts from Bibleworks 8 into my Scrivener project. When I paste into Scrivener from Bibleworks, it gives me English characters instead of Hebrew or Greek characters. I have added both Hebrew and Greek in System Preferences, but this has not helped. I am running Bibleworks through Parallels in Coherence mode.

Any ideas? I really need this for my Ph.D. thesis report.



Hi Ramone, I am new to Scrivener but like you I need to use Hebrew and Greek (in my case mainly from Accordance) in my writing, so it was one of the first things I have tried to hammer out. It seems that there are two key issues. First you need to be using a font that does a good job of displaying Hebrew (Greek is not so tricky) and this should ideally be a unicode font designed for the purpose. Two good ones are Cardo and SBL Hebrew. I have now set Cardo as my default Scrivener font, as my main three languages, English, Greek and Hebrew all look great in it. Secondly, when you paste any Greek and (especially) Hebrew into Scrivener from another program you need to do a Shift-alt-cmd-v paste (“paste and match style”) to ensure that your chosen unicode font is not overridden by whatever font your selection has been copied to. I hope that makes sense!

Hi Ramone,

WillScriv’s advice is spot-on - Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system, and the characters that can be displayed depend on the font used.

All the best,