Hello, Inspector opening as default

Hi, is there a way that when one creates a new doc the inspector will show up as default? I’ve tried “preferences” but to no avail. Cheers

I keep a few different Scapple boards saved that exist purely as starter points for new boards, and almost all of my new boards start from one of them. I drag a copy on the file system to start a new one and double-click to open, or in many cases they are created within a Scrivener project. I have other starter files in this folder as well, and I have my General: Shared Templates (in preferences) set to this folder. I can thus add one to any project with a simple menu command. So if you have Scrivener as well and tend to use these two programs together, that’s an easy way to go about having “templates” with whatever setup you prefer already in place. Starter notes, different colours or styles, whether the inspector is open, the size of the window…

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Thanks for your thoughtfiul answer. I’m afraid I wasn’t clear enough. I meant, when I create a new document in Scapple, is it possible that the Inspector opens as well,instead of having to click on “Show inspector” every time? Seems like a minor issue, but I create many files every day, soit becomes a chore. CHeers!!

No, there is no setting that will turn show the Inspector by default for new Scapple documents.

As AmberV recommended, a workaround is to create a template document with your standard settings, which can include having the Inspector already open.

Or you can show the Inspector by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I, in case that’s faster for you than clicking View > Show Inspector. (That’s what I do.)


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