Help! Accidentally deleted most of project!

I just did something really stupid. There’s a “Part one” for my project, and I thought I was deleting just a few blank files, but I dumped the entire Part one…which is probably 200 pages of text, including all the chapters, scenes, everything. I also deleted trash (don’t ask.)

For the record: I have backups from a few days ago when I last used the program, I’m backed up on Google Drive, and just in case I have all the text backed up separately, so this is not a catastrophic situation; it’s just going to mean I have to do an hour’s work at least to get back to where I was. Since I just did this error, is there any way to get back to just before I opened the project tonight?

Doesn’t Scrivener have constant backups? Can’t I revert right back to where I was before this happened, about ten minutes ago?


It’s good that you have recent backups. By default Scrivener only makes a backup when you close the program. The autosave feature just updates the current version of the file, so unless you’re using File History in Windows 8.1 or 10 and it just happened to make a copy at the right moment, I think you may be out of luck. As far as I can tell, wastebasket files are really gone (not even sent to the system recycle bin) once the basket is emptied. And even working in Dropbox won’t save you from that – although it syncs the files in the .scriv folder just fine, it doesn’t seem to save copies when they’re deleted.