Help box will not close

Using Pinguy on a Dell Inspiron 1545.

I clicked the ‘help’ open to see what version I was running, but there is no X to close the box and it froze the open file. Had to Ctrl Alt Bksp to get out.

Other than that, looking good. Well done, guys!

I’m running AntiX (Debian) linux … with IceWM window manager. I wonder if the lack of the “X” close box is a result of the Pinguy window manager?

As an alternate, I found that the ‘escape’ key will close the “About Scrivener” pane that pops up from the “Help” menu … does that help you?

Thanks - pretty sure I tried esc key (and in combo with shift, backspace etc) but will try again next time I use it on my Pinguy machine.