HELP! Cannot access my word :( :(

I CANNOT FIND ANY OF MY WORK. So upset and my manuscript is due in three months. Please help!!

Yesterday I shut down my computer. Today, when I try to open Scrivener, it tells me I need to buy a license (already did). When I go to open my project Scrivener manually, I do see the list of folders I have created on the left under my project, however, THERE IS NOTHING IN THESE FOLDERS. Completely blank. If I try to open other versions of Scrivener from documents or try the .scriv files, it tells me I need a different version of Scrivener. Please tell me two things:

  1. My work is somewhere saved (where?)
  2. I can open it in Scrivener somehow (how?)

I am nearly in tears and received a reply that the help desk is experiencing a large delay in replies.

The weird thing is, I am able to view all the folders / chapters I reorganized last week, but nothing is in these folders. If I click on one, no words there. Where would those words be / how do I see them?