Help - Cannot Load Scrivener Mac project into Scrivener Win8

I’m using the latest versions of the Mac Scrivener, and Windows 8.

I have a project that I’ve created and used on OSX. This project was being saved to Dropbox.

I installed Scrivener in Windows 8, and I have been trying to get this project loaded into Windows.

Here’s what happens:

  1. I start Scrivener. The tutorial project is open.
  2. Within Scrivener I select File->Open…
  3. Using the navigation popup, I navigate to my Scivener project, enter the project folder, and open the .scrivx file located within the project folder.
  4. Scrivener does not load the file, and does not indicate any error. I just continue to see the tutorial file.

Please help.


I could be way off base on this…

If the project you are trying to access is in a folder being handled/backed up/synced by DropBox, any chance you still have the project open in Scrivener on the Mac or that DropBox has not finished updating from/syncing with the Mac?

How did you bring the project over/down from the Mac?

Thanks for the response. This issue has me worried.

To eliminate Dropbox as the potential source of the problem, I saved the project to a USB and then tried loading it in Windows. Same issue. No error, but no project loaded either. I still see the default tutorial project showing.

This is strange, and worrying.

When you load a project, other open projects remain open. This includes the Tutorial. So it remaining open has nothing to do with the issue.

What did you have loaded into the editor when you saved the project to the USB drive? How about the version you have on Dropbox? I ask because sometimes there are stray formatting codes (usually from copy & pasting or importing from another source) that one version of Scrivener can handle, but the other can’t. Or it could be a problematic PDF, or any number of other documents that Scrivener is trying to load when you open it on the Windows version.

To eliminate that as a possibility, create a blank file in the binder and have that as the only document loaded into the editor. Then save that version of your project, transfer that to your Windows version, and see how that works. If you still get a failure, what happens if you create a new project on the mac and transfer that?

Finally, take a look inside the project’s .scriv folder. See if there are any files with “conflicted” in their names from some Dropbox collision.

Good luck!

Ok, thanks for the reply.

I created a new project, and created two files in the draft section. I saved this to a USB flash drive and loaded it in Scrivener Win8 with no issues.

So, it would seem to be something about the other project - a much larger one - that is causing the issue. It would be nice if there were some indication of an error by Scrivener … instead, it just sits there like a stupid puppy, unaware of the significance of the poop they just left on the floor.

PS: There is a file within the Docs directly names "docs (MyMac’s onflicted copy 2014-01-29).chechsum

On the Mac side, open that project, and create a backup using “File->Backup->Backup to…” and name it so you can tell it’s the version before you tried to fix it. Then close the project.

Copy it to your windows PC using the USB DRIVE (Once you’ve solved this issue, Dropbox is fine, so long as you follow the steps outlined in the manual under the section “Scrivener Everywhere”).

Move the conflicted file to your desktop, then open the project on Windows. If it works, then hooray (and be sure to avoid conflicts in the future)! If not, there may be some other files that are conflicted once you close the project.

Thanks again.

The complete name of the conflicted file is…

docs (MyMac’s conflicted copy 2014-01-29).checksum

There was also a version that began with an underscore. I copied both files to another location, and then deleted them from the folder. Scrivener still won’t open the project, and still no error.

No response from Scrivener support folks? I hope they have a fix. If not, I’ll just need to continue to hack and recreate this using other software.

Sometimes responded-to posts get overlooked. You may need to contact them more directly using the email addresses from the main website’s support section.

One thing you could try as a way to get up-and-running more quickly is to create a new project, open them both at the same time on the Mac, and drag your materials from the “bad” project’s binder to the new project’s binder. Sometimes that acts as a filter for whatever is screwing up the other project and gets you working faster than tracking down the root of the problem.

Great, Thanks again Robert.

Crisis averted! On the Mac, I created a new project and and drag files from the old project into the new one. I can now open this new project within the Scrivener windows version.

Glad to hear you got it fixed, and sorry we only just now noticed this. As explained above, this fits the profile for the kind of problems that can occur if Dropbox gets confused and starts duplicating internal components of the project. In some cases this can cause the project to fail to load as, technically speaking, it has become corrupted (fortunately it is a very mild form of corruption that can usually be fixed).

Anyway, since this happened once, I advise reading through our article on how to safely use services that constantly synchronise portions of your hard disk over the Internet. It is easy to make a mess of things, and by the same token it’s easy to avoid it with a few simple precautions.

Using Scrivener with Dropbox.