Help! Can't run Scrivener

I am running latest El Capitan and have been running Scrivener regularly. I normally leave my machine running for days at at time and Scrivener is always open.

I closed Scrivener this morning and now it won’t run. When I try to run Scrivener, it doesn’t appear to do anything at all. I get no messages, no window, nothing that I can detect. I have run from Spotlight search, from Launchpad, and by double clicking in Finder. Always nothing.

I rebooted and it still doesn’t run. I have logged out of Apple ID and logged back in–still no joy.

I have had problems with some other apps since the App Store Certificate changes a few days ago. Those apps pop up a dialog asking me to recover. When I do, they work again. Scrivener is giving me nothing at all.

I am complete shut down. Any suggestions? Should I reinstall? I purchased Scrivener from the app store.


Ok, I uninstalled and reinstalled and it now works.

I like the Mac App Store, but . . .


My last comment on this.

This was caused by the Mac App Store certificate problem. Various folks, Apple included, say you just need to be sure you are on the latest El Capitan and possibly reboot.

But I was on the latest version, and I did reboot. Still no joy. I had to reinstall Scrivener. You can do this by dropping into the trash, then going to the purchases tab of the Mac App Store and clicking on install. Doing so will not delete or otherwise change your Scrivener documents.

For those who care deeply about this stuff, check out this link: … -problems/