Help! Cleared 'Recent Projects' now can't find any of them

Help, I seem to have lost my work and I’m freaking out.

I’ve only been using Scrivener for a week and am finding it complicated.

I’d created several new projects. They were all in my ‘Recent Projects’ quick find thing, but I didn’t want them all coming up so I clicked ‘clear menu’, intending for them to not be show in that tab, NOT for them to be deleted completely! Now I can’t find them. I’m not bothered about any of them except my new play, X. I can find a document called X but all that is in it is the sodding title page. I’d written five scenes and I want them back.

Please help.

They weren’t deleted completely; your recent projects list is just that; a list of the last few projects that you had open in Scrivener. To find all of your scrivener projects do the following:
[]Open a Finder window to your home folder; it should have a house icon next to your logon name in the sidebar.
]Use the search text entry oval in the upper right area of the Finder window, entering “.scriv” (without the quotes). It should show a couple of options below it, like “Filenames matching” and “Kinds”.
[]Arrow-down to the Kinds section and select the “Scrivener Projects” item (hit ENTER when that is highlighted, in other words).
]Lastly, it should now be showing a “Save” button below the search text oval (and the oval should now contain “Kind” and “Scrivener Project” in a multi-hued blue oval. Go ahead and click on the Save button and name the search “Scrivener Projects” or something similar.

Scriv Search.png

Now in the finder, you’ll always have an up-to-date list of all of your Scrivener projects. This works for other kinds of files too, if you follow the steps for .doc or .docx files, you’ll find all of your Word files, for instance.

Thank you so much robertdguthrie!

Apologies for the v belated thank you, but I forgot that I’d posted that and never checked for replies. Doh.