HELP - comments box and text highlight is black

Please help me! Suddenly, when I create a new comment, the text is highlighted black and the comments box itself is black. It’s distracting, and I have to guess where the cross to delete the comment is!
I have three projects, all of them are affected, and I can’t find the way to go back to a nice pale blue box/highlight. I’ve been trying all day with no luck.
I have used Scrivener for years, find it really easy generally, but I am not technically too adept.

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Oh my goodness - i just solved it! It’s not urgent now - but any suggestions as to how I changed to black without meaning to?

You can change the colour of a comment to any colour you want, even pure black (why not? you can make your text look redacted!). Right-click to select from one of the stock colours, or use the option at the bottom to choose a custom colour.

I couldn’t tell you how it got that way without you knowing what you did, but chances are it won’t happen again.

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Thank you for your answer! Fingers crossed it won’t happen again.