Help: Compile For: Preview (actual printed page display)

I’ve been mostly using Scrivener to organize my notes and write, but recently, wanted to print out some material.

I put the stuff I wanted to print under Manuscript, File > Compile > Page Settings > Compile For: Preview. However, this displays an endless flow of text, not indicating page breaks or what it would look like page by page when it’s printed.

How can I get Scrivener to give me a preview of what it would look like printed out? (either with page numbers, or showing page breaks)

Thank you in advance.

A ‘page preview’ function is not available yet for Scrivener to Windows. Scrivener does not work in the same way as other Word Processors do # of pages is an estimation based on current compile settings. You can find this by going to Project > Project Statistics.

If you need a more definitive page count I recommend compiling the file to RTF format and opening in a standard word processor. Hope that helps!

Thank you. I was more worried about wasting paper and making sure it looks good on paper. I figured I was missing something. When you say not available yet of Scrivener for Windows, is this a feature that is in the Mac version?

I know there is a Preview function of some description in the Mac version but I don’t own a Mac so I can’t give you any specifics I’m afraid.