Help Compiling Please =)

Hello Scrivener people! I am currently using Scrivener to plan something other than an actual manuscript. I’m just organizing an E-course with it at the moment. I have folders and documents within those folders. I have a synopsis written for each document and on some folders. Also some documents / folders also have notes.

Is there any way to compile this so that I get the name of the folder > document, followed by the synopsis>notes> then text? Maybe even with the actual titles showing synopsis>notes>text?

Let me know if anyone thinks something close to this is possible and thanks in advance for any help!

  1. Use Full Indented Outline compile format, go into Assign Section Layouts
  2. Assign one of the outline section layouts to each of section types. Click OK,
  3. Double-click on the Full Indented Outline format to Duplicate and Edit it.
  4. On the Section Layout tab edit the ones that you assigned (they should be in bold) to include notes and text, as well as title and synopsis, as you require.
  5. Save the edited format and then compile.

You may have to play with the formatting a bit but that should work.

Thank you RobG! That’s EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you for being amazing!

You are very welcome. Always happy to help.

This solved my problem, too!
I was having trouble including section notes with section text in a non-fiction manuscript format. Your suggestion led me to the solution.
Thanks very much…