Help Compiling to .mobi Using the Beta

I’m trying to compile a simple single chapter to send to my friend’s kindle. I don’t need it to be fancy. I just want the chapter content available to read on her kindle. I’ve done this with the Windows Scrivener 1 many times and compiling works if I use the older version. When I try to compile with the beta I get an error message and when I email the file to my friend it fails to show up on her kindle. I’m assuming it’s unreadable.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots with the layout I’m using and the error message.

HI Lagamine,

From the screenshots you uploaded I am not able to see what your line-height is set to. Since that seems to be the issue could you either send me a screenshot showing the format bar as well or, even better, send a copy of the project to

Thank you for your help in this.

Lagamine, a quick workaround, assuming your friend has turned on Amazon’s ability to email a document to their kindle, is to copy the contents of the chapter into Word, then email it as a attachment to them. They can see email it to their kindle (see … =201974220). Hope this helps.

The kindle did end up receiving and reading the file, so that part of the problem doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

I would still like to figure out what the error messages mean.

I also sent an email with the project file.

Thanks for the help you guys.

Hi lagamine,

Thank you for sending the project. I found I was able to compile without the line-height error by selecting all of the text and changing the line spacing to 1.0x (first I had to turn on the format bar at View > Text Editing > Format Bar for ease).

That didn’t appear to change anything visually, but did seem to clear the issue. Was this project upgraded from an older version of Scrivener by any chance?

It was created from the blank project option on the beta. Thanks for looking into this.