HELP! crashed now won't let me reopen

I was working on a project in Scrivener. I was dragging a website into my research folder when Scrivener crashed. Now it won’t let me reopen the project. The program tries to open the file then immediately crashes again. Please let me know how I can save the file or open it again. Other projects open up fine it’s just this one.

Scrivener is trying to load the website when you open the project and it can’t.

To fix it, do the following:

  • Close Scrivener.

  • Find the project in Finder.

*Right-click, and select the option to Show Package Contents.

  • Look in the Files/Docs subfolder. You can sort this view by either file type or modified date, either will work. Your culprit is probably the most recent .webarchive or .html file.

  • Once you find the file, drag it out to somewhere like your Desktop.

  • Open the project in Scrivener.