Help! Did I delete my scrivener project?

I tried to copy my scrivener project from one file in Microsoft word to another. When I next opened the project it had all the folders, but no text at all.
My first question is: Have I lost all my text?

My second question:
I did find a file elsewhere on my computer that seems to contain most of the text. How do I open these folders as Scrivener project?

Any help so very much appreciated!

  1. Where’s the .scrivx Binder file?

… makes no sense. Projects are not “in” Microsoft word. They’re in Scrivener project folders.

You are right. They are in Scrivener files on my computer as show in the image.
The binder files are in the folder “Files”

Sorry, I don’t always get the terms right.

No, the .scrivx Binder index is missing entirely. It’s not in the Files folder.

Well, I guess that is my problem. I cut and pasted the Wolf 2nd Draft.scriv from one place to another on my computer. Thinking that it was okay to move it. When I opened Scrivener, the project opened and all the folders are there for the scenes, research etc. but they are empty.

They appear to be in the Docs folder that is shown in my image (not the file I cut and pasted, but another place on my computer where I found it by searching). When I click on the .scriv file that is pasted in it’s new location, that’s when the program opens to the project with no text.

I don’t know where the binder index went or what else is missing. I am hoping is it possible to restore my project.
Thanks so much for trying to help me.

If you moved the project folder (.scriv), that would be fine. But you didn’t. You must have moved the .scrivx instead, and that’s what you’re opening to find everything gone.

Moving it back where it belongs may work.

If not, you can drag/drop RTFs from the Files folder (in Windows file explorer) to the empty project Binder (in Scrivener).

Are the automatic backups still there? You’ll find your backup folder via Preferences → Backup. It should contain several compressed (".zip") project files.

Thank you November_Sierra!
That is another problem I’ve had. Where do I find Preferences?

Thank you!!! I will try these!

I think in the Windows version of Scrivener it’s File → Options.

I wish they’d give it the same name on both platforms!

They can’t because they are two completely different operating systems with different setup and default namimg conventions.
All Mac software has a Preferences menu under the Software-name top menu, and Windows has neither.

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They can invent a menu item and name it anything they want, on either platform.

Right. And then Windows users who’ve never seen a “Preferences” menu in their lives send us angry emails about how we “hid” the Options in a stupid place.

Most of our users are not cross-platform, and they expect Scrivener to work like other software on whatever platform they prefer.


This is one of the hard parts about doing cross-platform software. You will notice that (for example) the modern MS Office applications do a much better job about trying to conform to MacOS usage customs than they did a decade ago, back when Microsoft did exactly the approach that Bob suggested. It was something they got universally RAILED for.

We spent a lot of time and energy in the initial Windows beta going round and round about this issue.

Not a problem. You can make the menu entry read “Options/Preferences” or include two entries.

And introduce a combined “ / Files” menu! But then some Windows programs place “Options” or “Preferences” or “Settings” under “Edit” or “Tools” or whatever… Maybe the solution is to put in every menu. :crazy_face:

Others are not as near the top of a list of differences between Mac and Windows Scrivener. MANY features start with Options or Preferences. There’s no good reason to put Options under File, either. It’s Scrivener options (or preferences), not file options or preferences.

So, in theory… where would you place it? It’s perfect where it is and how it’s called on macOS, but on Windows? Which one is the “correct” menu? (Keep in mind there isn’t an Application menu at all for a perfect match.)

Would you feel the same way if the Windows version had been first?

As noted, the response to Microsoft doing exactly that with their Mac versions was pretty negative.