Help! Did something stupid now project won't open!

Hi, I stupidly moved Scriv backup files around and now even when they are put back where I (think I) originally located them , I get an error when I try to open my main very precious project. The binder will open correctly but all docs are empty. The error message reads, "Cannot access: ‘C:/Users/Admin/Appdata/Local/Microsoft/Local/Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5/ZT4LN1N1/Project[2]’
File is not writable: Access is denied. Autosaves need write permission to your project. "
I have my backups in Dropbox, which might mean I can roll them back to get to one that works but I need meticulously clear instructions either on how to open what I have got, or how to go back to an earlier version. I thought I had done all sorts of backups and saves-as before I moved anything but clearly not! (Panic panic!)

First, some terminology so that the experts (not me) can understand what you’re saying:

Backup: This is either automatic (see Tools->Options, Backup tab for settings), or manual File->Backup-> …
“Save As” Copies: from the File menu, this creates a copy of your project, and leaves you in an editing session of that project after closing the one with the previous name.

You say you moved your backups around. What exactly did you do (what files/folder did you move, any other actions…)? What form of “backup” did you have (Backup or Save As copies)?

This error message is very strange; it’s referring to your Internet Explorer web browser’s temporary file cache. This might be a separate issue, but I’ll let others who are more expert at this kind of thing cover that if it becomes important.

If you were rearranging copies of your project within your Dropbox folder, I’m betting that the service got confused. I recently did the same, and had some issues. You may have to restore from the day before you did your rearranging, because it’s going to be very difficult to untangle such a mess if it’s dropbox’s fault.

That’s all I can do to help at the moment. I’m sure others will be able to chime in with better advice. But for the future… Take advantage of the automatic backups (use the zip compression!) and possibly manual backups (File->Backup) instead of using Save As.

On the Dropbox front, My other piece of advice, once this is all sorted, is to move all of your files out of dropbox, do your rearranging in an “offline” folder, and then drag the whole mess back to dropbox. The Scrivener folder system is just a little too involved for shifting a lot of files around inside one of it’s folders.

Good luck!

Thanks. That was a pretty accurate description. Fortunately I found a recent (manual) backup that only lost a couple of paragraphs. It was my own fault for “tidying up” when I was tired. The auto backup occurs every time I close Scrivener, but I’m not sure where they are kept. I need to do some more research I guess. Just generally feel I don’t understand Scrivener’s backup and save system too well. Thanks for the help.

As far as finding the automatic backups, there’s a button for that.

Go to Tools:Options:Backup, and the last item on the panel is a big button labeled “Open backup folder…”