Help! Disaster! Need to relink Docs folder

I am using dropbox to store my main files, backup to a local drive.

A co-worker opened my file yesterday on his laptop to look things over - the master file was already open on my machine - it prompted him to Open a Copy, so he did.

On we went, and I opened the dropbox file today, and made a bunch of changes to the synopsis. Then I noticed that all of the document text (that is, everything except the synopsis!) was missing!

Thankfully, I found the original folder, which still has all the rtf files, etc.

So now I want to use the most recent version - the one without any text files attached to it - and relink the old Docs files. I attempted to copy the xml file into the Package folder, but that isn’t possible.

I could cut and paste all the text, but I also went through and coloured almost all of my index cards, something that I’d have to completely redo…

Thanks in advance for your expertise!

It would probably be easiest to just step back a version using the backup system. Have you gone through the associated projects in that folder yet to see if there is a suitable replacement? There are some important tips for how best to do so, in §7.8.4 (pg. 67) of the user manual.

Failing that, we do have some general tips on repairing sync damage. In your case it sounds like there are multiple project binder files, the “.scrivx” file at the top level of the package. If you see more than one of those, follow the tips for figuring out which is the best version and once you do that, discard the rest.

As general advice for avoiding this kind of thing in the future, it is much more important to keep things closed when you aren’t actively working on them, when using synchronisation. That’s true for any program really, but more so when you’re using a format that has a lot of moving pieces like Scrivener’s.

thanks for that - I will check and see