Help downloading the workbook for Professional Outline

Well I am new here but just installed Scrivener and it says it is acitvated. But it keeps saying that my serial number is wrong. What is my problem? Can anyone help me? I don’t know what the Subject: space is. I just went ahead and enter the downloading the workbook. What is that all about?

Are all of these questions related to the license key? I don’t know what the “subject:” space is in relation to entering your license key. What you should be doing is getting the email they sent you with your key, and entering all the information exactly as shown, or copying and pasting from the email to the registration prompt.

You say you’re downloading a workbook… what workbook is that? Scrivener doesn’t generally have anything to download in addition to itself.

It kind of looks like she didn’t know what to write in the subject line on the forum? So she entered something about a workbook? :neutral_face: Or it could be a template, I guess.